This is a collaboration project with Woof&Wow and Leslie Eisinger.

Woof&Wow have been developing a way to make PET yarn from plastic bottles. They worked on this in Peru along with a weavers in a small village called Manchay. They wanted to make a product relating to Peruvian cultural heritage that would be made partly by these women from waste material, to give them work and to use there knowledge to good. 

This is where I came into there project and I designed the stool Petro. I was inspired by the surroundings in Manchay, the neutral landscape with splashes of manmade colors.  

Petro has a simple metal frame that can be made in Netherlands and weavings made from the PET yarn and acrylic yarn. Because it's a very strong, unique, new material to use in this way, I needed to figure out a way to do it so it would look perfect. The weavings are made on a specially made loom that I developed along with Leslie Eisinger, a loom that can be made with basic tools and always gets the weavings right. 

This stool is in the final stage of development at the moment.