Marta Sif
Síðan er að gangast undir sjálfskoðun og verður hér allt á fleygiferð næstu daga. Afsakið ónæðið.


Woof & Wow

For the past weeks I have started working on a project with WOOF & WOW. They are tackling a growing problem in Peru which is waste. They have developed a method to recycle plastic bottles in to a plastic yarn and they have been working with local weavers in Manchay to work with the material but there is also a big problem with unemployment. At this point I am designing a product from the plastic waste yarn that they can produce completely or partly in Peru. So what a great project! Tackling waste, unemployment and making new beautiful things. If you are interested in following the process of the project you can check out my new process blog. We are crowdfounding the start up on the project right now and you can support the project here.