Marta Sif
Síðan er að gangast undir sjálfskoðun og verður hér allt á fleygiferð næstu daga. Afsakið ónæðið.


Graduation show at Dutch design week 2015

In June I graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven after four years in this school. I had two project, one is called My street  and is a collaboration with a good friend of mine Lola Gielen and the other one Fish on dry land that I did on my own. Me and Lola took on the topic gendered toys and designed dollhouses with an open mind for all gender. More information about the project here.
Fish on dry land is a very personal project relating to my own background and self-discovery. I wanted to find out what it was to be an Icelandic designer so I was very fixed on doing something relating to Iceland. I became very upsets about fishing gears and boats and ended up designing four furniture pieces. I had a very strong connection to the topic because I used to live in a fishing village myself and I have a long line of fisherman in my family. The furniture would be produced in this small fishing village where I used to live called Ísafjörður and was the design fit with in the frame I had there to what materials and companies I could work with. There is a problem with keeping up the employment and preventing people from moving away and to the city like in many other villages. I want the villages to live. I wanted to show that we can also use the good from the villages and use there strength and knowledge to for example produce furniture. 
I got the Connection award at the graduation for this project and it's going to be exhibit at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show during Dutch Design week 17.-25. october.