Marta Sif
Síðan er að gangast undir sjálfskoðun og verður hér allt á fleygiferð næstu daga. Afsakið ónæðið.


Gosi cover, special edition

Gosi is working on a n EP and we decided to make a special edition for couple of our friends and family for christmas. This special edition contains 9 songs and we asked those 14 people that we gave the cd too, to chose 5 songs they liked the best. The results will have a big influence on the final choses for the EP. I decided to make the cover a bit special because this cd was only made in 14 copies. I came up with this idea that you see on the pictures, it's lasecut from wood, two sides and an elastic band that holds it all together. When you open it you see the red cd on the green background but those our the identity colors of Gosi.