Marta Sif
Síðan er að gangast undir sjálfskoðun og verður hér allt á fleygiferð næstu daga. Afsakið ónæðið.


Internship and MÓA

Design by Floris Hovers

Design by Floris Hovers

I am happy to announce that I will be doing my internship at Floris Hovers from September till December, just as I wanted. He is a very hands on designer, playful and interesting design, good sense of color and he has a big workshop. Looking forward to start. 

In other news is that me along with Andri Pétur and Olivia Watkins are starting up new night called MÓA in TAC one saturday a month from September onwards. Our goal is to have bands and Dj's that play fun, upbeat, dance music. The first night will be held 13. September.