The beginning of the end

Last december I finished my internship at Floris Hovers. It was a great experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with him. I came out of this internship full of new ideas, an obsession for color combinations and patterns. One of my favorite project that I worked on was this wooden city building blocks. I am exited to take all the knowledge I got from my internship and use it for my next big project in life, my graduation. 

I will be doing two graduation project and one of them I will be doing with a good friend of mine Lola Gielen. we have worked a lot together for the past years and we are hoping to keep on working together after the graduation. Our topic is gendered toys. 

In the other project, I want to become and Icelandic designer. Coming from an international school I feel that I have become international as well, witch is good in many ways but I also think it's important to remember where you come from. So I will be focusing here on Icelandic culture and habits. 

For the next 4 months the graduation projects will be my whole world but there are also couple of side project waiting for my attention. More update on that later. 


New Portfolio

Finally my new portfolio is up and running and I'm pretty happy with the results. I also made a paper portfolio the other week and that came out nicely as well.  On Wednesday I will finnish this 3d year of mine in Design Academy and then the search for an internship starts for real. I am hoping to find an internship around Utrecht or Amsterdam because I just moved to the lovely Hilversum. I am pretty open to what kind of a design studio I go to, always up for a new experience.  Please let me know if you are looking for someone like me as an intern or if somebody knows about a place that might fit me.