Marta Sif Ólafsdóttir

Born 1986 in Reykjavík, Iceland.


2016-2017 Held two workshops in model making for the Health care technology department in Avans Univeristy of Applied Sciences in Tilburg. 

2015-2017 Collaboration project with Woof&Wow, making a product produced partly in Peru with local weavers in a small village by using yarn that they have been developing out of plastic bottles. I designed the stool Pietro with weavings from this material that can be made by these women in Peru while the stool frame can be produces anywhere in the world. I developed a weaving loom with Leslie Eisinger that is especially made for the weaving of Pietro and can be made with basic tools.

2016 Worked with the story telling gallery/shop Skóbúðin í Ísafjörður Iceland. I designed souvenir for the shop and made a illustration of their house relating to an other project I was developing at the time. 

2014 Design intern for Floris Hovers

2011 Project manager for the merchandise for the music festival Aldrei fór ég suður in Ísafjörður (Iceland).

2010 Designed red sock earrings for the women's right day in Ísafjörður (Iceland) to raise money for an organization for women who have been sexually abused. Also took part in other project relating to the day.

2009 Designer for the Norwegian team at the Nordic cup in Iceland, we designed re-usable coffee filters and coffee cup earrings to raise money for a hospice in Costa Rica called Manos Abiertas.


2011-2015 Design Academy Eindhoven, Activity department.

2011 Iðnskólinn í Hafnarfirði (technical collage), Design and craft department. 


2014 Marta and two others started up “MÓA” at TAC in Eindhoven, we developed a concept that was about hosting nights that had upbeat, fun and different music with live bands and dj's. 

2012-1014 Creative director for the musician Gosi and sing back vocal for him as well.

2007-2010 Performed as the singer-songwriter Mysterious Marta. Won a competition with a Icelandic record label and produced couple of songs for the radio. I performed at several events, concerts and toured around Germany and Iceland.

No design related Jobs

2008-2011 Worked at three different flower-shops during these years.

2005-2007 Worked at a Café called Te og Kaffi for 3 years. I was a shift manager, tough classes in coffee making, did competitions, was a member of the icelandic barista team and the icelandic latte-art champion 2006. 

2001-2005 I worked in couple of different places during these years, gardening work, at a breakfast buffet at a Hotel, grocery shops, Debenhams etc.


2001-2008 I took part in all kinds of amateur theater performances with couple of different groups during these years.